Thessaloniki Through Fragments

The installation in Bey Hamam, in Thessaloniki, consists of a three-dimensional photogrammetric walk through of the city created with projection mapping. Scenes and figures that could have been encountered in the city across its history, taken from 19th century paintings, are projected in the foreground. Moving slowly, the figures come to life and invite the viewer to listen to them. Through the red funnels that are connected to the figures’ mouths, the viewer will listen stories about Thessaloniki from different historical periods.
This installation takes as its point of departure the Kapani Arcade as it bears traces of several epochs, temporalities and experiences of the city of Thessaloniki. Our aim is to bring to the fore these traces through an intermedia art project which uses image reconstruction, sounds, memories and digital data in order to connect the present of the city to its lived history through visual representations. Presented in SKG Festival 2019.

by 3+2: Marilena Kounidi (project coordinator – projection mapping video), Nike Dimopoulou – Melina Analyti (set design – Sound art production), Dimitris Baltas (programming – lighting), Nikolas Konstantinou (audiovisual engineering)

Special Thanks to: Μaria Ioannidou (production assistant), George Giatas (production), Irini Zeri-Stamatia Kagelari-Dimitris Mamios (narratives), Theoni Fotopoulou (legal advice)