Residence in Alimos

The redesign of the entrance for a residence in the Alimos area encompassed both the external surroundings and the internal lobby.

In the outdoor space, the visual and practical separation between the parking zone and the pedestrian zone is achieved through the use of vertical metal elements, creating a kind of conceptual, perforated curtain. This is complemented by the use of different materials in shaping the floors. The plantings serve as a natural boundary between the two spaces and also define the path to the entrance of the building. At the same time, the covered area in the parking space was expanded with the creation of a metal roof.

Moving on to the entrance area of the main residence, the design focused on shaping the wall along the path to the first floor. It was treated as an element that facilitates the transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Gypsum tiles, specially designed for this particular area, with concealed lighting were designed and constructed, and wooden structures with functional use were placed in between. In collaboration with Eleni Spyridaki.