Photomorph 1

Light is a medium that never unveils itself but makes the objects that surround us visible. Lamps illuminate by hiding the light-source behind shades. They diffuse light, soften it, weaken it.

Fotomorphs are optical experiments that use light to a different end. They shape it through shadow; they convert it into a tool for seducing the eye and manipulating space. They are inspired by the lanterns dug up from the necropolis of Ancient Lete (4th century BC), of the sort that Aristotle compared to a sea-urchin’s shell; and by the sharp shadows cast by the afternoon sun through the Alhambra’s fretwork walls. In the same way, the surfaces of these two lampshades are fractured and converted to elaborate frames of apertures and detailed fills.  The light source is concealed within, and revealed by these frames; the light emerges as an intricate pattern of cast shadows upon space.