Lattice cabinets

In Islamic architecture a thick wall is often replaced by lattice surface in order to keep the harsh sunlight away from the interior while allowing the cool air from the street to flow through. Such a fine, elaborated wall serves as defining line between the inside and the outside and the different uses of space. It conceals and reveals, but doesn’t sever.​

Lattice cabinets dilate a fine lattice screen in order to host function and turn it into a storage device while maintaining its properties. The patterns that compose the general motif refer to different cabinets and determine the degree of concealment.

A lamp, a chair and a small table are intergraded in this expanded screen by taking advantage of the camouflage of the elaborated design.  Each cabinet is an autonomous unit and all together form a whole. The user is able to create new motifs by rearranging the different cabinets