Artistic proposal for 2023 Elevsis European Capital of Culture.

Starting with the myth of Persephone, the work tries to illuminate various moments in the history of the city. What is the “lower world” for modern Elevsis and what would be the form of an initiation ritual in it?
The remnants of different eras, ancient / industrial / refugee, etc., are treated as connecting elements with the “underworld”, which symbolizes the invisible and forgotten aspects of the history of the city and its people.
An industrial ruin is transformed into a mystical, reverent setting reminiscent of a temple in honor of Elevsis.
Through a combination of projection mapping and wheat pasting technique, real events, persons and objects create new narratives, in an attempt to emerge either from obscurity or from their familiar and normal context.
In this fantastic landscape of sounds and animations, Persephone becomes the symbol of rebirth.
The aim of the project is to highlight Elefsina as a historical landmark with universal characteristics and at the same time to transfer the center of gravity of the history of the city to its protagonists.

by 3+2: Marilena Kounidi, Nike Dimopoulou, Melina Analyti