documenta 15

“Working on documenta 15 with Iswanto Hartono has been an incredible journey. Our focus was on design and sustainability, as we aimed to use upcycled materials for crafting furniture and creating exhibition spaces. This challenge emphasized the importance of sustainability in contemporary design.

Our success was a result of great teamwork, with invaluable contributions from Vicco Saputra and Baldwin Maslim. Together, we transformed spaces, that hosted various functions. Including:

The set up and seating made of plastic crates and old school seats that surrounded the amazing furniture created by the collective El Warcha, for the ‘common library’ of fridskul.

The space design for the beautiful work of Jumana Emil Abboud.

And the entrance an old factory, Hubner, that hosted the cloakroom, ticketing and information, lumbung kios and seating for relaxing and watching videos.