Niki Dimopoulou

is the founder of ‘studio trepan’. She studied architecture at the University of Thessaly and she holds her master degree in Architecture and Urban Culture from Metropolis Master Program in Barcelona.

Apart from her independent practice, she has worked with many architectural studios and has participated architectural and design competitions. She has collaborated with the Athens & Epidaurus festival 2011” for the production of the project “Black Mirror” by Doug Aitken and she worked for documenta 15 as coordinator of production and technical department.

In 2013 she launched her design products for the first time in Tent London, during Design Festival in London. She is also co-founder of 3+ collective that combines design with new forms of representation (projection mapping, live cinema). The group’s field of research and artistic activity is the subject of an aesthetic, historical and sensory mapping. The collective has participated SKG Festival in Thessaloniki in 2019.



The name of studio trepan, is inspired by an ink-filled ring used for secretly marking cards during open play, reflecting the idea that overlooked details can sometimes create engaging beside narratives.

The studio’s philosophy revolves around the notion that architecture and design should not merely be functional but also offer an element of surprise, storytelling, and engagement through the manipulation of light, shadow and concealed details. Across diverse scales and mediums is trying to experiment with light and shadow and the idea of what is hinted, concealed or reveled and to use it as a creative tool in making buildings, interiors and objects.